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Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book

Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book

Self-learning Mathematics Practice Book is a series of five books for Classes 1 to 5. This series attempts to hone the mathematical skills of children by making their classroom experience more engaging. The best way of learning a subject is through practice, practice, and more practice. This is best done through a balance of homework assignments and in-class practice sessions. This series of books contain activities and materials to actively engage students in mathematical explorations. An attempt is made in the series to approach mathematical concepts from different perspectives.

1. Real-life application worksheets
2. Mental Maths, Multiple Choice Questions and Activities introduced to sharpen the mathematical skills
3. Attractive layout and design with ample writing space
4. Chapter Test papers at the end of each chapter can be used for chapter evaluation
5. Periodical Assessment and Model Test Papers have been introduced for better evaluation. ​
6. National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) and International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) sample papers have been included for children who decide to appear in these tests
7. NSTSE is a national-level scholarship programme. It is one of the most prestigious examinations in India.
8. The IMO is a means to identify and encourage the mathematical creativity of children studying in schools across India and abroad
9. In these books, the gradation of mathematical practice is done in such a way that it develops students' interests and engages them in the discipline of the subject as they grow through elementary, mi
ddle and high school years

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Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book-1

S. K. Gupta
  • 215.00

Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book-2

S. K. Gupta
  • 220.00

Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book-3

S. K. Gupta
  • 245.00

Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book-4

S. K. Gupta
  • 250.00

Self-Learning Mathematics Practice Book-5

S. K. Gupta
  • 255.00
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