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Wren English Grammar Series

Wren English Grammar Series

P.C. Wren’s New English Grammar Series, can be classed among the best and most authoritative of traditional grammars for children. These graded books contain a systematic treatment of English grammatical forms and lead  up to P.C. Wren and H. Martin’s monumental work High School English Grammar and Composition. The aim of the revision of the present series is to make the books more suitable for use in the modern classroom.

  1. Few chapters have been expanded or recast to reflect the new developments in the study structure and usage of English
  2. The material dealing with analysis has been considerably cut down
  3. A number of sentences outdated in content have been replaced with new ones relating to modern times
  4. A lot of activity-based material has been added. Some of the exercises include pair-work and group-work activities


New English Grammar 0A For Class 1

P.C. Wren
  • 140.00

New English Grammar 0B For Class 2

P. C. Wren
  • 190.00

New Simpler Parts Of Speech Book -1

P.C. Wren
  • 270.00

New First Lesson In English Grammar Book-2

P.C. Wren
  • 270.00

New Beginner’S English Grammar Book-3

P.C. Wren
  • 210.00

New Simple English Grammar Book-4

P.C. Wren
  • 295.00

New Elementary Grammar On Modern Lines Book-5

P.C. Wren
  • 325.00

New Shorter English Grammar Book-6

P.C. Wren
  • 375.00
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