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Statistics for Business and Economics, 1/e

Statistics for Business and Economics, 1/e

J S Chandan

ISBN : 9788125904182
Pages : 640
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : Vikas Publishing
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"The presentation is simple and communication of the subject matter is made student friendly, interesting and exciting, avoiding Mathematical complexities. The text has been written to facilitate usage, not only by all business and economics majors but also by professionals, academicians and researchers who can improve their decision making skills by analyzing the pertinent data with use of statistical methodologies. The book covers the various aspects of the field of statistics in 20 chapters, making each topic relevant and useful. There are many solved examples within each chapter so as to demonstrate the applicability of statistical tools described and learned in the chapters, About 30 real world business problems are added at the end of each chapter so that the students acquire a reasonable degree of specialization in statistical thinking, decision making and problem solving. Further more, a real world statistical situation in the form of a case study is added at the end of each chapter. A unique feature of the book is the inclusion of data bases to be utilized by computers and software statistical packages. These computer applications would strengthen the student’s ability to utilize large data bases by computer programs."

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