Theory of Cataloguing

Theory of Cataloguing

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  • ISBN : 9780706998160
  • Pages : 396
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
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In this edition detailed information on Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (Edition 2) has been added for description and access points, giving suitable examples and AACR2 as appeared in 1978 incorporating the International standards. The chapter on "Comparative Study of AACR and CCC" has also revised on the lines of new rules of this new code. Besides these, POPSI, PRECIS and ISBD and chapter on Normative Principles have been elaborated by giving additional examples and comments. The last chapter of the book has been rewritten and renamed as Progress in Library Cataloguing. This book is a special effort to undertake a comparative study of two cataloguing codes: The Anglo American cataloguing rules (1967 and 1978 editions) and Ranganathan's Classified Catalogue code (1964). An attempt has been made to find out the basic differences and simulations in the approaches of the codes and to discover a synthesis between them. The other special feature of this study is the simplicity in the style of writing. 

1. Introduction, 2. The Objectives of a Library Catalogue, 3. Physical Forms, 4. Types of Library Catalogues, 5. Kinds of Entries, 6. Sources of Information for a Cataloguer, 7. Descriptive Cataloguing, 8. Annotation, 9. Subject Cataloguing, 10. Development of Catalogues Codes, 11. Normative Principles, 12. Comparative Study of AACR and CCC, 13. Study of Personal Names, 14. Rules for Filing Entries, 15. Organisation of a Catalogue Department, 16. Centralized & Cooperative Cataloguing, 17. Limited Cataloguing, 18. Symbiosis Between a Catalogue & Classification, 19. Layout of a Cataloguing Code, 20. Teaching of Cataloguing Theory, 21. Progress in Library Cataloguing

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