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Theory of Classification, 4/e

Theory of Classification, 4/e

Krishan Kumar

ISBN : 9780706986389
Pages : 572
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : Vikas Publishing
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1.Need and Purpose, 2.Basic Concepts and Terminology, 3.Introduction to Major Schemes of Classification, 4.Species of Schemes for Classification of Subjects, 5.Evolution of Theory of Library Classification, 6.Laws of Library Science and Basic Laws, 7.Canons for Idea Plane, 8.Canons for Verbal Plane, 9.Notational System, 10.Canons for Notational Plane, 11.Mnemonics, 12.Planes of Work, 13.Formation, Structure and Developments of Subjects, 14.Devices, 15.Postulational Approach, 16.Categories, 17.Common and Special Isolates, 18.Space Isolates, 19.Time Isolates, 20.Indicator Digits, 21.Phase Relation, 22.Book Number and Collection Number, 23.General vurses Special Classification, 24.History of Library Classification, 25.Comparison or Major Schemes of Classification, 26.Normative Principles: A Comparative Study, 27.Revision of Major Schemes of Classification, 28.Evolution of Notational Techniques, 29.Autonomy and Guidance to a Classifier, 30.Knowledge Classification versus Library Classification, 31.Computer and Classification, 32.Abstract Classification, 33.Design of a Scheme for Library Classification: A Methodology, 34.Uses of Classification, 35.Classification Research Groups, Societies and Organizations, 36.Developments and Trends, Index

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