Mathematics for B.Sc. Students: Semester II (Matrices | Differential Equations | Geometry) NEP 2020 Uttar Pradesh

Mathematics for B.Sc. Students: Semester II (Matrices | Differential Equations | Geometry) NEP 2020 Uttar Pradesh

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  • ISBN : 9789355014153
  • Pages : 768
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2022
  • Size : 6.5 X 9.25

Price : 495.00 396.00

A methodical text, which mirrors the flow of the units of the syllabus, has been created with a focus on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and analysis and enables the reader to possess an in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Apart from this, topics such as rank, eigen values of matrices, linear homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations and differential equations have been well-explained.

·         Divided in Eight Units which are sub-divided in 31 chapters for a 100% coverage of the recommended syllabus.

·         Over 700 examples in the text illustrate all major topics thereby providing ample support to the theory explained.

·         More than 100 practice sets which carry close to 1500 questions provide rich practice.

·         Roadmap as per the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) has been provided in the text.


  1. Algebra of Matrices
  2. Rank of a Matrix
  3. Inverse of Matrix by Elementary Operation
  4. Consistency of System of Homogeneous and Non-homogeneous Equations 


  1. Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors and Characteristic Equation of Matrix
  2. Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and Inverse
  3. Complex Numbers 


  1. First Order Differential Equations
  2. Linear and Exact Differential Equations 


  1. First order Higher Degree Differential Equations
  2. Linear Differential Equation of Order Greater than one with Constant Coefficients
  3. Cauchy-Euler Differential Equations 


  1. General Equation of Second-Degree Conics
  2. Tracing of Conics
  3. System of Conics
  4. Confocal Conics
  5. Polar Equation and Properties of Conics 


  1. Three - Dimensional Coordinates
  2. Direction Cosines and Projection
  3. Plane: Cartesian Form
  4. Plane: Vector Form
  5. Straight Line in Three Dimensions 


  1. Sphere
  2. Cone
  3. Cylinder 


  1. The Conicoid
  2. Paraboloids
  3. Plane Sections of Conicoid
  4. Generating Lines Conicoids
  5. Reduction of Second Degree Conicoids
  6. Confocal Conicoids 

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