Growing with God Book 4

Growing with God Book 4

Author : Aratrika John

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  • ISBN : 9789390299423
  • Pages : 56
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : BPI
  • © year : 2021
  • Series : Growing with God

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Growing with God is a series of interesting stories adapted from the Bible for young children, aimed to teach them and help them develop interpersonal skills as well as a sense of what is right or wrong. The stories instil moral values and life skills in children and encourage them to be noble, honest, kind, mindful and empathetic.

• Gives an exposure to unread and interesting stories and poems from across the world, captures the interest of students and triggers a sense of careful reading and understanding

• Guidelines, as a tool, not only for wide-ranging topics in composition but also for letter writing to develop higher order thinking skills including analytical skills

• The grammar section is in accordance with the current English curriculum followed by various educational boards in India.

• The series is a complete study in itself and a learner-friendly resource to enhance speaking, reading and writing skills of students.

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