Monthly Term Book Class 3 Term 4, Revised Edition

Monthly Term Book Class 3 Term 4, Revised Edition

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Monthly Term Book, revised edition, Is an innovative and integrated course designed for the students of grades 1 to 5. The series adheres to the guidelines provided in the National Curriculum Framework for school education.

In each grade, there are eight books for eight terms - Book 1 to Book 8. Subjects being taught in grades 1 and 2 are English, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Value Education and General Knowledge. In grades 3 to 5, the subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Value Education and General Knowledge.

The books have been conceptualised to provide quality education to students while decreasing their mental and physical burden.


  • Wide range of prose and poetry from different literary genres.
  • Carefully graded grammar syllabus with structures, comprehensive rules and tasks.
  • Study skills section on spelling, pronunciation, dictionary research and punctuation.
  •  Writing tasks to promote creative, imaginative and critical thinking skills.


  • A complete package of learning, assessment, hands-on activities and fun elements.
  • Hands-on activities in the form of Maths Lab Activity and Project help students visualise and apply the concepts learnt.
  •  Mental Maths and questions based on HOTS sharpen the mathematical skills of students.
  • Enrichment provides facts and encourages to think creatively.


  • Vast and varied exercises to assess students in a holistic manner.
  • Mind maps, Activities, Projects and Think and answer questions to develop scientific attitude and aptitude in students.

Social Studies

  • Concepts from history and civics develop social perspectives and civic understanding in the young learners.
  • Geographical concepts to instil a better understanding of our Earth
  •  Exercises, mind maps, project and HOTS questions to supplement learning.

Computer Science

  • Latest combination of Windows 10 and MS Office 2013.
  • Graded and practical approach with many activities and programming tasks. 

Value Education

  •  Learner-centric approach with graded and structured chapters.
  •  Interactive and innovative classroom activities to make learning educative.

General Knowledge

  • Activity-based and supplemented with high quality images.
  •  Age and level appropriate information covering a large array of topics.

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